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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

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Are Juicy Couture Handbags Worth The Money?

By Lee MacRae

Designer handbags and purses today come in many extraordinary styles and designs making it easy for women who buy them to express their individual fashion sense. Each woman can find a designer bag that ranges from the traditional handbags to the amazing romantic handbags of the stars. But there is the fact that these bags usually cost a lot more than a bag or purse from a five and dime shop. So we have to ask ourselves, are you just buying fashion sense or do you also get value?

For most people, of course, they work very hard for their money. They need to know if a Chloe purse or handbag is worth the expanse. Will it last. Well, the answer is yes. And why is that true?

The very simple reason is designer purse or handbag are usually made from quality materials. A leather bag or purse made by Balenciaga or Luella will use top grade leather that is long-lasting, supple and very beautiful in appearance. So, although you will be paying for the name you'll also be buying a top quality product. Still wondering?

Want a hint to know what you're getting? Top designer handbags will always have a fine lining material inside. Cheap leather bags will not have that feature. Manufacturers of the cheaper products are trying to keep the cost down as much as possible. Cheaper handbags have low-grade linings and low grade hardware on them. Avoid these like the plague. Full-grain leather is made from the finest natural hides with no imperfections. This natural grain is extremely durable. It simply does not wear out and eventually will develope a rich patina that increases in beauty. Full-grained handbags are often made from the skins of young cattle and have extremely smooth texture, and very fine quality.

In conclusion, you may pay a lot for a handbag by L.A.P.A. or Furla but what you're going to get is a top quality product that will stand the test of time. If you want the bang for your buck, buy a designer handbag

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